Modifying a path

Note: The plugins work for Gimp2. They do not work for Gimp3 unless somebody ports them to Gimp3.
Gimp plugins to modify a path, currently four. To get the plugins, do:
  1. At the bottom of this page there are Download buttons. Clicking one you get a .ZIP file. Unzip it and put the python file it contains in your Gimp's plug-ins folder and restart Gimp.
  2. This registers in your Gimp the chosen plugin(s), one of:
    • Simplify
    • Round path corners
    • Simple smooth
    • G2-continuity
    • Join strokes
  3. To find the plugin(s) in Gimp, go to the Paths tab and right-click the path you are going to modify. This opens a pop-up window. At the bottom follow the link Tools > Modify path > ...  and choose.
No instructions are given here. Just experimenting should suffice. Some explanations and pictures appear at the sites on the right.

Simplify - current version 0.11
Round path corners - current version 0.6
Simple smooth - current version 0.3
G2-continuity - current version 0.8
Join strokes - current version 0.3

Behind the plugin G2-continuity there is quite a bit of mathematical theory, developed by myself based on earlier work by Stuart Kent. It can be found in the thread mentioned above, but since it may be useful more widely, I include here the version from march 2022 (which will very probably be the final one):

Mathematical theory on G2-continuity, March 2022