Parametric Curves

Note: The plugins work for Gimp2. They do not work for Gimp3 unless somebody ports them to Gimp3.

Parametric Curves is a collection of three Gimp plugins. The plugins take as input a parametric curve and draw an approximate B├ęzier curve.

Special curves is a collection of three plugins to draw some specific curves.

The central aim of the plugins is to obtain a reasonably good approximation using only a small number of control points. This is contrary to the naive idea of just inserting control points more densely on the curve in order to reach the desired accuracy.

Below you see two download buttons, one for each of the two collections. By choosing either one you get a .zip file. Unzip it. Inside you find, depending on which download button you took:

Those .py files you should insert in your Gimp's user's plug-ins folder. When you restart Gimp, that file generates in your Gimp three plugins:
These are general-purpose plugins to draw parametric curves. That doc.pdf  file is documentation to their usage. The first and second plugin you can certainly start experimenting with even without reading the documentation. To try the the third plugin, however, reading the documentation is necessary. That plugin expects part of its inputs from a  user-provided file, and to make that file you need to  read the instructions.

The file generates in your Gimp six plugins:
They are plugins to draw some special curves. Each has parameters that enable you to produce infinitely many different curves.

The plugins will be in Gimp's menu at  Filters > Render > Parametric curves > ....

Some discussion and examples appear in


Parametric curves, current version 2.2
Special curves, current version 1.11