Some special parametric curves

The plugins on this page (currently only three) are all contained in one file, offered here as a .zip file. To install, download and unzip the .zip file, and then insert the file in your Gimp's plug-ins folder. When you restart Gimp, the file registers in your Gimp three plugins: Lissajous, Rhodonea, and Spiropath. They will be found in Gimp's menu at:

    Image > Filters > Render > Parametric Curves > Special curves

The three old plugins are no more available alone, only bundled together. Also the path in Gimp's menu is a little different. If you have some of the old plugins, better delete them. The new ones are copies (slightly updated), and the old ones will not be updated any more. To delete, go to Gimp's plug-ins folder and delete there of the files,, and those that you have.

Download as a .ZIP file