Path transformations

Note: The plugins work for Gimp2. They do not work for Gimp3 unless somebody ports them to Gimp3.

Here you find some Gimp plugins to transform paths. To get the plugins, do:
  1. At the bottom of this page there is the Download button. Clicking it you get one .ZIP file. Unzip it and put the python file it contains in your Gimp's plug-ins folder and restart Gimp.
  2. This registers in your Gimp the plugins
    • Transform a path by an affine map
    • Transform a path by a Bezier arc
    • Transform a path by a Moebius map (actually a plugin and three further variations)
    • Transform a path by a Bezier arc quadrilateral (an easy version and an advanced version)
    • Fit a path in a triangle
    • Fit a path in a convex quadrilateral
    • Convert a path to polar coordinates
    • Transform a path by exponential map
  3. To find the plugins in Gimp, go to the Paths tab and right-click the path you are going to transform. This opens a pop-up window. At the bottom follow the link
    Tools > Transformations > ...  and choose from the transformations.
No detailed instructions of usage are given here at the moment. But the plugins should be easy to use just by experimenting, and some explanations and pictures appear at To make starting easier, we list here the required input paths with some explanations:


Current version 0.24