Path chopping

Note: The plugins work for Gimp2. They do not work for Gimp3 unless somebody ports them to Gimp3.

Two plugins to chop a path, which means chopping its strokes into shorter strokes. To get them, do:
  1. At the bottom of this page there is the Download button. Clicking it you get one .ZIP file. Unzip it and put the python file it contains in your Gimp's plug-ins folder and restart Gimp.
  2. This registers in your Gimp the plugins
    • Chop path at its anchors
    • Chop path by another path
    • Chop path by lengths
  3. To find the plugins in Gimp, go to the Paths tab and right-click the path you are going to chop. This opens a pop-up window. At the bottom follow the link Tools > Chopping > ...  .
Some explanations and pictures appear at


Current version 0.3